Learn how to sew your Yoga set with BLUMMA

Lørdag 25. mars klokken 11:00 - 15:00

Kroloftet • Arnljot Gellines vei 41, Oslo, Norge

In this workshop you will learn how to cut and sew a Yoga set: top and leggings.

At the beginning of the course you will try on the different sizes to be sure that the chosen pattern is the correct one. Then we will cut the pieces and sew them using domestic sewing machines and overlock for those with previous experience.

What will you learn in the workshop?
In this workshop you will learn to work with elastic fabrics, to cut the pieces and to sew each one of them following appropriate techniques.
You will also learn to elasticize.

What do you have to bring with you?
For this workshop, unlike the others, you have to bring your own fabric and matching thread.
The fabric has to be stretch knit fabrics with a strong recovery.
Contact blummaswimwer@gmail.com and I can tell you where you can buy it and the the meters that you need to bring.
During the course you will use the patterns made for my clothing brand BLUMMA.

What level do you need?
No prior knowledge is needed. Just that you've used the sewing machine before.
The workshop has a maximum of 5 people and a minimum of 3. In the place we have all the sewing machines and sewing tools, but if you want to bring your machine, no problem.

During the course, tea, coffee, fruits and cookies will be served. You can also order food from kruttverket cafe.

The workshop Duration:
5 hours
1200 kr

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Kroloftet • Arnljot Gellines vei 41, Oslo, Norge

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