Juicy Support

Onsdag 20. september klokken 18:00 - 20:00


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Do you need someone to talk to? Are you dealing with unknown or overwhelming feelings? Feelings of shame, fear, disconnection or insecurity? We in Juicebox GOT YOU! We are here to support your journey, so join us for this support circle and let us help you!

Sometimes during events, or in the days after an event, difficult experiences and emotions can also arise. Sometimes shame and fear come up. Maybe a situation at an event made you reflect and wonder about sides of yourself that you don’t know well, or even sides of yourself that you struggle to accept. Exploring these experiences and emotions in a meaningful way can be very valuable to allow you to grow into an even more badass version of yourself.

This event is also for anyone who has been to a Juicebox event where you had new and exciting experiences and would like to talk about them and share them with people who can relate and understand them. Sharing your experiences, and hearing about other people’s experiences can help you connect with yourself and understand how these experiences are meaningful to you. How do you incorporate these experiences into your life? How do they contribute towards your personal growth?

It is also for you who have yet not been to a Juicebox event and feel like there is something holding you back. Through exploring and sharing your thoughts and feelings around this, you can get to know yourself better. In addition by hearing about other people’s experiences, you can connect with more people in the Juicebox community and feel more safe to join an event!

Our dear Mama Bear, Kari will be leading this support circle and is a gestalt psychotherapist with special focus on gender, sex, and relationship diversity. Gestalt therapy has a holistic approach works with thoughts, feelings and the body/somatic experiences, with a focus on how we relate to and connect with each other. She works to support people where they are on their journey to live more authentic and fulfilling lives.

Date: Wednesday 20th September.
Time: 1800- 2000ish (depending on the sharing journey)
Place: Nordahl Bruns gate 22
Price: 50,- VIPPS to save your spot: 45189707

In this event, we will meet in a small group to share and connect around experiences, thoughts, and feelings that arise in us through Juicebox. We will work both individually and as a group with different creative, mindful, and therapeutic techniques to integrate these experiences, create meaning and support personal growth and empowerment.

We look forward to supporting you and the divine creature that you are!