Juicy Circle // Finding & Enhancing your gift

Lørdag 25. mars klokken 14:00 - 16:00

Ostara • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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Welcome to a Juicy Circle where the purpose is to have educational circles to specific topics where we all get to share our experiences, wisdom, and opinions with invited guests. Give life to the forgotten and bring forth the Gold pieces of our lifetime. Facilitated, organized, and voiced by Emily Natalie Su, Sofia's Sister. For true' richness and prestige in the Juicebox Community.

In this circle, the theme is: How we can find and amplify our own unique gift and service- what we shall bring forth, and leave behind in this world.

We will do this by introducing/talking about:
- What is your purpose/gift to this world, becoming more of you.
- Master your feminine power
- How to cultivate your inner masculinity
- Refine/increase our raw sexual power to the above chakras to awaken our geniuses.
- Our sexual power mirrors our creative/creator power
- Emotional alchemy: rinse our bodies from blocks/traumas- so we can experience a deeper more orgasmic presence in our everyday life.

Our guest speakers today are Nathalie Rognaldsen and Elise Thrane. They have both been living together in an intense and enlightened relationship for 4 years. Gone through the rollercoaster of life and achieved what might seem impossible. Their presence is warm, soft, but also feel of a strong divine female power. You will just have to trust us and experience it yourselves.

"When we allow ourselves and others to be in their erotic essence, paradise on earth is present. And we become in deep connection with our gift to this world." - Nathalie Rognaldsen

Juicy circles are a clothes-on event where we will sit in a circle in an inside forest at Ostara. You can expect around 14 divine creatures. We will all have our time to share, listen and ask questions. Wild hand-harvested Sister Tea will be served.

Come as you are.
Lots of love sister,
Emily Natalie Su

We are welcome to stay afterward <3

OBS! event held in Norwegian.

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Ostara • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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