Gingerbread party

Lør 4. desember klokken 16:00 - Søn 5. desember 2021 klokken 00:00


Welcome to the last apartment party of the year! We are gonna make a holiday festive out of this party and make Vulva gingerbread cookies!

We will start at 16. Please do not arrive any later then 1630. We will mingle and have fun like any other party, make gingerbreads, a four course meal by Juicy Chef Manuela, pole dance show and then we see how hot the night gets! Please bring a bottle or two of something pleasant to drink, either alcohol og non alcoholic. (No red wine please!) We will finish off around midnight.

Dresscode is as always what you are comfortable with. BRING AN APRON! ( and maybe just go naked under? ) We welcome all sexy lingerie, slutty outfits and scary nakedness! ( In need of outfits? Orion i Trondheimsveien gives 10% to all Juicebox members )

The price this time is 980,- and covers the cost for the lovely apartment, four course meal and honorary fees. Thank you for supporting independent females work and creating a sex positive and open community!

If you are unfortunately low on cash for whatever reason we always need cleaning helpers, either before, during or after. This gives 50% off. Possible to buy this with the button below. Please send a message to Sofia after buying this ticket for more info.

No refunds. You may try to resell your ticket only in comments in the post/event. If you manage to sell your ticket then please let Sofia know with the updated email or else if wont be valid.

The address is a beautiful apartment in Grünerløkka. Possible to get there with public transport and we have a spaces to sleep over. Address will be sent separately closer to the event by email.

On another note, as a general rule for all diseases, everything from
streptococci, clamydia or covid-19, the only way to reduce infection is to test yourself regularly. We exchange a lot of bodily fluids, however on the positive note femxle sex has a lower risk of getting a sexual transmitted disease. But is better to be on the safe side and out of respect for each other, so please test yourself regularly. We all will probably get on or other, luckily none of them are to be afraid of as most of them can be cured with antibiotics or the death rate is only 0,13%. So dont worry for any judgement from our side. <3

Looking forward to this event and connecting with you scary and delicious creatures!

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