industrial techno w// OSI303 & Tech_Bunny

Lørdag 8. oktober klokken 23:00 - Søndag 9. oktober klokken 03:00

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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This particular Thursday we are serving you some delish industrial techno! Minimal in nature, banging in atmosphere and spacey hard beats. We definitely expect some good vibes only for this one!

OSI303 is a Swedish-born DJ with a mix of Swede & Nigerian roots. He has a passion for music that has a dark industrial overtone with a deep, spacious, & groovy touch. His favorite genres are Deep House, Dub Techno, and Dark Techno. Check out his music here --->

Tech_bunny spent plenty of years in the underground school. With strong passion for techno, she has found an interesting sound that ranges from hypnotic trance & playful tunes, to the pounding dark. Tech_bunny has now hopped up on the surface to share her unique vibe.
Listen to her music here ----->

Juicy Wines 17-03
Green Veggies 17-22
Spacey Beats 23-03

Venue space limited
CC: 190,- /ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\
Thank you for supporting your local bar & artists
We advise you to come early

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Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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Ostara Bar