hard techno w// DARK(spider)WEB

Torsdag 11. april klokken 22:30 - Fredag 12. april klokken 02:00

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

Online billettsalg er avsluttet.

You have probably seen DARK (spider) WEB on the dancfloor, now you can you get to experience her behind the forest decks here at OSTARA and we cant wait!

After moving to Oslo, ANNA was introduced to the techno scene and quickly fell in love with the raw sound of the underground.

Expect hard techno, heavy basslines and high BPMs with a hint of trance and groovy ryhthms. She also loves to surprise her fellow dancing friends with some drops of hypnotic and mysterious tracks. Expect the unexpected.

Juicy Wines 17-02
Green Veggies 17-22
Spacey Beats 22:30-0200

Venue space limited
CC: 90 /ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\
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We advise you to come early

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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