Cuddleparty @PlaySpace w/ Belly 2 Belly.

Lørdag 18. februar 2023 klokken 17:00 - 23:00

We do not set a definitive end time, but let it end naturally, you leave whenever you feel like it.

Playspace • Normannsgate 24, Rogaland, Norge

Amazing beautiful brave souls!🌻

Welcome to our second cuddleparty @PlaySpace! Open to anyone , over the age of 18, so invite your friends 🔥🙌. Please read more below!

This time, we have the wonderful Synnøva Alsaker & Arild Korsnes to guide us into cuddles & precence with Belly 2 Belly, read more about what Belly 2 Belly is further down!

A cuddle party (or a cuddle puddle or snuggle party) is an event designed with the intention of allowing people to experience nonsexual group physical intimacy through cuddling.

The benefits of cuddling are endless, here is a few of them :

🔥 Boosts seratonin, dopamin & oxcytocin, which produce what some describe as warm fuzzies – feelings of connection, bonding, and trust.

🔥 Boosts immune system

🔥 Natural pain reliever

🔥Lower the Risk of Heart Disease, as it puts you in rest and digest mode

🔥 Lower social anxiety

🔥 Reduce stress, better sleep, regulates nervous system

🔥 Better decision making, greater compassion and trust.

List goes on..

For humans, touch is a vital and fundamental component to our health and well-being. Yet many of us are afraid to ask for the touch we want or have not learned how to openly communicate and discuss our needs.

You'll be guided through a workshop on consent and communication around non-sexual nurturing touch. In our cozy, safe space, we'll start with icebreakers and the rules of cuddling for the evening. You'll gain practice in setting boundaries, expressing your NO and delivering it with compassion. You'll also be encouraged to navigate the evening with fearlessness and fun to ultimately discover your YES! These are skills that you can bring into your personal life and thereby improve all of your relationships!

There's no expectation that you touch anyone or allow yourself to be touched in order to be in full participation in this workshop.

B2B is an ingenious practice designed by David Cates. B2B is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and puts all our fears to rest. What results is a profoundly felt sense of peace and connection, a natural biochemical high.
Synnøva & Arild will guide you into the Now, through exercises with movement, breath, sound and touch. First with yourself and then together with others.

This event is for you who long for closeness and for peace in your nervous system, for you who miss community, for you who tense up at the thought of lying down, breathe and make sound with a fellow human being, but know that this is what you need. Come and Join us!!

Deep Breath into your Heart.
Deep Breath into your Belly.
Deep Breath into your Root.

This is a drug free space, so arrive sober! We will only get high on hormones at this party 😎

Wear comfortable clothing, and warm socks!

Bring a waterbottle, and a blanket if you tend to get cold.

Snacks, juice and tea/coffe will be served, and some lentil soup between the cuddles, to avoid blood sugar drops!

The event fee is 350 kr, this covers rent of PlaySpace, honorary fees, soup, snacks, te/coffe and juice.

Student, on disability (ufør), or low income? Concider a volunteer ticket.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Looking forward to connect with you!


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Playspace • Normannsgate 24, Rogaland, Norge

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