deep/hypnotic techno w// JAVEL

Torsdag 25. april klokken 22:30 - Fredag 26. april klokken 02:00

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

Online billettsalg er avsluttet.

JAVEL is next up on our special Thursdays where we open the space for new sounds and djs we yet have not had the privilege to present. Thursday is becoming our new favourite day of the week. Very excited for JAVELS expression behind the decks. If we are going into specifics he loves to play organic, deep, hypnotic/trancy techno.

Juicy Wines 17-02
Green Veggies 17-22
Spacey Beats 22:30-0200

Venue space limited
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We advise you to come early

Ostara Bar • Kirkegata 20, Oslo, Norge

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