De Zandmotor • De Zandmotor, 2681 VP Monster, Nederland

Please use this LOCATION ✅ https://maps.app.goo.gl/sQ9PRAmcTRvPzR6N7 📍

Please make here DONATION 🪙 FULL MOON FIRE / DRUM & JAM CIRCLE - Kaartjes | Fienta

Please park here on PARKING 1 🅿️ https://maps.app.goo.gl/jkKPzAjNmJUKj2iL8?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy
Or on PARKING 2 🅿️ https://maps.app.goo.gl/PDWhywN7TuxdkREc7?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy

HI FRIENDS 👋 The 40th Full Moon Fire Circle is on Saturday 20.07.2024. We come together United in music to play, sing, dance and share time of joy and happiness 💙
You are very welcome to join us! Take:
🪘 your djembe or other instruments.
🪘Warm clothes and blanket.
🪘Something to eat and drink.

🌍Respect the place
✌️Respect each other
💰 Donate for future events
🫶 Spread only good vibes

We are ending much love and light to you!
See you soooon 🔥🌝

SoundHealing Squad

De Zandmotor, 2681 VP Monster, Nederland

Google Map of De Zandmotor, 2681 VP Monster, Nederland

SoundHealing Squad