Book Review & Discussion : The Ultimate Sales Machine

Ma 3. mei 2021 om 19:00 - 22:00

Online Event

In this event, you’ll learn

What the best kind of training for your employees is
Why you have to hire sales superstars and the 2 qualities that they must have
The compounding effect of coordinating all your marketing activities
2 things that will make your sales pitch up to 50% more memorable
One mistake people make when trying to connect with ideal clients
How to circumvent gatekeepers
Why your best clients are more your friends than customers
A tactic that’ll make it 6 times easier to sell more (hint: it has to do with loyalty)
What your reticular activating system is and what that has to do with selling
The one rule that will make processing your email a whole lot

About the Author

Chris Steiner is the author of $20 Per Gallon, a New York Times bestseller. His writing has appeared in Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and more. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a masters in journalism from Northwestern University. Steiner lives in Evanston, Illinois, with his family.


The lumberjack may not seem to bear any relation to sales, but consider the following example: a lumberjack’s job is to cut wood every day, so if he wants to cut more wood, he could add a few extra hours to each workday and thus boost his productivity.

Or: he could spend a few extra hours sharpening his saw one day, which would enable him to cut more wood every day after that without having to work the extra hours.

You, too, can follow the lumberjack’s example and increase your organization’s productivity by “sharpening” your team through training.

Training enables you to set and raise the standards of staff performance and be proactive. Most obviously, training shows your employees where you want their focus and what areas of performance they should improve upon.

Furthermore, training helps you proactively prepare for difficult situations before they arise.

Key ideas in this book

Ensuring the highest standards for your staff through repeated training can help your business run effectively.
Use workshop training to develop the best strategies for your sales team.
By educating your potential customers, you can reach more people and sell more goods.
Hiring superstars: accelerate your growth by only hiring top performers.
Maximize sales by targeting decision-makers in big companies.
Streamlining your marketing and educating people will put you in the spotlight for potential customers.




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