Waxplay masterclass by Thalia Hel

Trešdiena 14. februāris plkst. 19:00 - 21:00

please arrive 10 minutes before the start

HEL Dungeon • Tērbatas iela 83, 1001 Rīga, Latvija

Tiešsaistes biļešu pārdošana ir beigusies.

Waxplay can be so many things: a sensual practice or a pain play, foreplay to awaken the nerve endings, or a relaxing closer to an intense session, holistic process of art therapy for the giver and receiver or just a bright sensation accent during some other practice.

Whatever way you choose to use candle wax as tool to play with your partner and bring them pleasure, there are rules and ways to make it feel amazing. And I am here to share them with you 😊

During Masterclass we will go through:

safety measures

candle wax types

preparation of the space and body

how to start, proceed and end the practice

which play you can incorporate waxplay in

removal process options

This is a practical masterclass. We will actually pour wax on skin😋
You can come alone, practice on yourself, or bring a partner. You can also come in three and take turns practicing. Or pairs might be formed on the spot ☺️

Natalja Sorokina aka Sonatalicious is a sexuality and kink coach, sexeducator and event organizer specializing in consent, communication and intimacy, and practice of holistic BDSM.

Have any questions? Contact the host via email [email protected]

HEL Dungeon • Tērbatas iela 83, 1001 Rīga, Latvija

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