Sungazer (US) • 19.10 • Laska V21

Sestdiena 19. oktobris plkst. 19:00 - 23:00

Laska V21 • Vagonu Iela 21, 1009 Riga, Riga, Latvija

Damn.Loud presents: the futuristic electro-jazz duo Sungazer will perform in Riga!

Sungazer is unique in its computer-game sound elements: this "nintendo-fication" of jazz is a mixture of jazz-fusion, 8-bit, prog-rock and electronic dance music. In 2021, they released their long-awaited debut album "Perihelion", in which they combine jazz improvisation with modern machine electronics, creating a bright and catchy futuristic and unpredictable sound language, which the band itself calls future jazz.

The core of the band is Adam Neely and Shawn Crowder, who founded the band in 2014 in Brooklyn. Both are highly sought-after session musicians in the New York jazz scene and beyond, and are also popular YouTube creators discussing the technicalities and future of music.

Sungazer's approach to creation is more rhythmic than usual - the creation of music often begins with drummer Shawn Crowder's improvised drum moves, which are then arranged by bassist Adam Neely. Saxophonist Jared Yee and keyboard player Pier Luigi Salami will also be on stage: both have participated in the recording of the band's EP and debut album and will blend perfectly into the live band.

Laska V21 • Vagonu Iela 21, 1009 Riga, Riga, Latvija

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