BritCham Seminar/workshop II: The Art of building Effective Business Relationships

Otrdiena 9. aprīlis plkst. 14:00 - 17:00

Biznesa, mākslas un tehnoloģiju augstskola "RISEBA" • Meža iela 3, 1048 Rīga, Latvija

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BritCham takes pride in introducing a fresh series of seminars and workshops designed to cultivate robust business relationships and enhance mutual understanding among UK and Latvian business professionals.

Tutors: Trudy Žagare and Robin Poynder
Dates: 9th April, 14.00 – 17.00
Venue: RISEBA university, Meža street 3

Join BritCham's Exclusive Seminar Series, Tailored for Professionals Engaging with British Clients and Beyond! 🤝

Navigating negotiations between Latvian companies and British clients and vice versa demands finesse and understanding. BritCham board members Trudy Žagare and Robin Poynder, industry leaders with vast experience, are here to guide you through the intricacies, providing insights for both Latvian employees working with British clients and British companies establishing a presence in Latvia.

Next meeting is held on 9th April 14.00 - 17.00 ar RISEBA and the theme is

The Art of Building Effective Business Relationships

• Why do it? Building effective business relationships – with our customers, teams, bosses, stakeholders – is a critical business skill. When we have strong relationships it’s quite simply easier to navigate difficult conversations and keep others on side.
• Key themes:
• Emotional intelligence (EQ) – the ability to know and manage ourselves, and to ‘read’ and manage relationships with others.
• Understanding your natural communication style and how you may come over to others. Recognizing other’s styles, and adapting your own style to build rapport faster.
• Understanding how different cultures typically respond to different elements of communication. We’ll focus on differences and similarities between Brits and Latvians.

Limited Spots Available!

BritCham members, seize this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in cross-cultural negotiations. Act now to transform challenges into opportunities and forge successful collaborations between Latvian and British business communities!

Price per session:
EUR 100 +VAT, per person
BritCham members: EUR 75 +VAT per person

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Biznesa, mākslas un tehnoloģiju augstskola "RISEBA" • Meža iela 3, 1048 Rīga, Latvija

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