How To Do Business In The Arab World Or With Arabs More Effectively Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Thu 5. December 2019 at 09:00 - 12:15

Registration starting at 08:30 am

Conference Room of Luther's Machinery Hall · Vana-Lõuna 39, Tallinn, Estonia

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This seminar is aimed at helping You as an individual or a company to do business in the Middle East or with the Middle Eastern people more effectively. We do this by introducing the prevailing cultural and mindset differences in the region as well as the current consumer trends.

Topics covered at the seminar include:
- Consumer Behaviour in the Arab World
- Islam's Influence on the Middle-Eastern Markets
- How to Start a Company in the UAE in 15 Minutes
- The Mindset of Arabs in Business and Cultural Guidelines for Doing Business with in the Arab World

Speakers at the event are:

Rauno Ruus
Founder & CEO of Arabicus Ltd

Rauno spent 7 years in Saudi Arabia studying Arabic language and Islamic Law and after returning to Estonia and developing a strong interest in entrepreneurship he wanted to make use of his knowledge gained abroad and launched a company aimed at diversifying the local market by providing Arabic language translation services as well as organizing Arabic courses in Tallinn.

More recently and in line with his interest in both culture and business he has been focusing on sharing information relevant to doing business in the Middle East.

Jamila Shirazy
Consultant at Arabicus Consulting

Jamila has several years of experience working as a business development director in Dubai. She has worked for top advertising and investment firms such as Aspire World Investments.
Her strongest sides are communication and project management, alongside with good negotiation skills that have allowed her to close a lot of successful deals.
With her big number of connections she can help you find the right customers for your product in the Middle East, especially in the UAE.



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Conference Room of Luther's Machinery Hall · Vana-Lõuna 39, Tallinn, Estonia

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