Hibernation winter retreat

Thu 19. December at 16:00 - Sun 22. December 2019 at 22:00


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❄️Take some exclusive time for yourself to look beneath the surface of what has happened this year.
❄️Open the space to step out of old routines and habits that have kept you stagnant.
❄️Gather your inner forces and prepare yourself for the life you wish to live.

✨ Join us for a weekend retreat of Hibernation - the very essence of what winter is all about: withdrawing from people and situations, turning within, deeply reflecting on what we have done so far, learning from the experiences of the past year and charging up for a new cycle of creativity.

Here's what awaits you in this retreat:

❄ Contemplation & Reflection
❄ Meditation & Mindfulness Practices
❄ Forgiving & Releasing of What no Longer Serves
❄ Rituals for Smudging out the Old
❄ Dream Work & Envisioning Future
❄ Cuddling & Being in a Community
❄ Reconnecting to the Natural Rhythms
❄ Gathering Inner Forces
❄ Delicious, Nourishing Vegetarian Food
❄ Cozy Hibernation Atmosphere

We start on 19th December with the arrival of our tribe, have 3 full days of rejuvenating Hibernation, and finish on the evening of 22nd (but also possible to stay till the morning).

Sign up now: http://www.spaceofbeingness.com/hibernation-2.html

Come join us. Let's Hibernate.

Hibernation II is happening for the second time. You can read more about the retreat and also what others are saying about the last year here: http://www.spaceofbeingness.com/hibernation-2.html

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Rota Gulevska

E-mail: mindfuljourneyslv@gmail.com