Summer Crypto Academy 2019

T 2. juuli - T 3. september 2019

Workland Vabaduse · Pärnu mnt 12, Tallinn, Eesti

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Learn and Master Cryptocurrency Trading with our 10 Unique Workshops.

Why attend?

1. Learn the basics of Indicators, Margin Trading, and Stop Losses.
2. Gain deeper insights into Cryptocurrency specifics, such as NVT and On-chain action.
3. Dedicated 1-on-1's with Roman Pototski; giving feedback on your trades and shaping your skills.

After completing the course, you will become an independent trader prepared for Bull or Bear Markets not only in Cryptocurrencies but Forex and Stocks as well. All workshops will include live trading and guest speakers!

Ten workshops will cover all the key successful strategies of trading cryptocurrencies. You can purchase separate workshops as well.

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Full Schedule:

Week 1 (July 2): Passed

Crypto Exchanges
How to choose your Exchange? Conditions offered. Fees and commissions. KYC processes and EU Regulations.

Week 2 (July 9): Passed

Calculations and Contracts
How to calculate potential profit/loss. Stop losses and take profits. Calculate tick movement and how it affects an open position. Contract specifications. Shorting vs. going long. Good practices in setting up positions.

Week 3 (July 16): Passed

Momentum vs. Trend Following
Subtle differences between the two. Determining the current price movement to predict future trends. Correlations between different asset types and cryptocurrencies. Determining the trend movements.

Week 4 (July 23): Passed

How to use oscillators, non-bound indicators: RSI, MA, TD Sequential, etc. The logic behind indicators and how to use them. Devise your own strategy.

Week 5 (July 30): Passed

Trading the news
How do world events affect your money? Economic news vs. crypto vs. traditional market. How to day trade. Speculative trading.

Week 6 (August 6): Passed

Technical Analysis and Market Structure
The logic behind technical analysis. Various technical analysis solutions explained and studied. Peculiarities of crypto assets’ market structure, compared to traditional markets. Volatility. Support and Resistance. Highs and Lows.

Week 7 (August 13): Passed

Building a trading strategy using indicators
Volume 2 on the topic of indicators (see Week 3). How to combine different indicators for trading signals. Use in combination with market structure and technical analysis. Comparison with classical market. Testing.

Week 8 (August 19): Passed

Altcoins and history
Understand altcoins and specifics in trading altcoins. Correlations in price movements. History of altcoins.

Week 9 (August 27):

Crypto Mining
Mining profitability and halvings - how that affects pricing. Network value and the importance of hash rate. Ways to follow Bitcoin prices and difficulty adjustments.

Week 10 (September 3):

Quantitative trading
Robot trading, deep learning. Use of Expert Advisors. Arbitrage.

Every participant will get a certificate after attending the full course.

Schedule is subject to change.

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About Summer Trading Academy Packages:

(Silver Package)
1 Workshop

(Gold Package)
2 Workshops

email us if you want to attend a few workshops or on a different date.

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About the Main Tutor:

Roman has 15+ years of experience in trading the stock market and foreign exchange. He traded for Admiral Markets (one of the largest trading brokerage companies in the Baltics) and was personally mentored by a seasoned commodity futures trader. Currently, Roman is handling investment strategies at DeltaHeroes.

The workshops are suitable for those who are:

• New to the cryptocurrency market
• Experienced in trading the classical markets (forex, stocks), but looking to
explore and understand the crypto space.
• New to trading altogether

As always, we will have ample time for networking and beers.

Indicative Agenda:

Gathering: 18:00 - 18:15
Presentation and Q&A : 18:15 - 19:00
Live trading: 19:00 - 19:45
1-on-1's with Roman: 19:45-21:00

Workland Vabaduse, Pärnu mnt. 12

NB: Please bring your laptops on all sessions!

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Workland Vabaduse · Pärnu mnt 12, Tallinn, Eesti

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