move from within (Authentic Movement and SPT)

Fokus, Vienna

Start 2023 exploring the connection to your inner knowing through body awareness, conscious movement and human connection.

The ability to pause and listen to the connection between body and mind, both for the purpose of awareness (of self and others) and for self-regulation is fundamental these days.

In "move from within", we give space to what wants to be seen. For that, we mostly use Authentic Movement and Social Presencing Theatre.

Inner knowing, intuition, source, ... or maybe you have another word for it. We have all experienced moments when we just know what to do. It's almost like a transition from "I am moving" to "I am being moved".

By practising this skill in a safe environment, we're rewiring our brains, creating new neural pathways we will access during our daily lives when this ability is necessary.

A degree in psychology was only the first step in the topic of development and transformation. Ana’s path made her a believer in the power of play and relation in order to create a purposeful life and live in balance. She believes that change can only have an impact if we also act on changing the workplace and how we relate to work.

Body awareness and movement as key elements of exploration that allow the unconscious wisdom to be expressed and reflected on is the core of her work.

Ana has a degree in Psychology and is trained in Holistic Dance, Social Presencing Theater and Embodiment coaching, which she combines with the experience of working in Business Consulting, Corporate Training, Experience and Game Design.

Ana Bernardes