Garage48 Future of Wood

R 4. oktoober kell 18:00 - P 6. oktoober 2019 kell 20:30

Doors open at 17.30

Estonian Academy of Arts · Põhja puiestee 7, Tallinn, Eesti

When we first took the Garage48 format to the very physical world of wood, we didn't know what to expect. After two amazing events hacking on wood, product design and architecture we want more!

Garage48 and Estonian Academy of Arts in cooperation with Startup Estonia and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications are excited to invite you to create the future of wood.
Welcome to the Garage48 Future of Wood makeathon!

Estonia is one of the forest richest countries in the world. Our woods, covering more than half of Estonia, are our national treasure with high economic, social, ecological and cultural value.

Forest is one of the most important ecosystems as the keeper of many biocoenosis, part of the groundwater circulation and storer of CO2.
Our aim for this hackathon is to maintain, and by bringing together the people in the various fields of forestry and wood industry increase the value of our forests and wood with EFFICIENT and SUSTAINABLE solutions.

To make it happen we are welcoming architects, designers, software developers, wood industry practitioners, wood technologists, forestry experts, circular economy and environmental experts, business developers and marketers to come together to find solutions to the problems in the wood and forestry industry.

For this event we have three main focus areas:
* digitalization in construction of wooden houses
* sustainability, circular economy and efficiency in forestry and wood industry
* new solutions in wood processing, design and architecture

Join us for this weekend-long intensive development event where we will develop working prototypes in 48 hours!
Prepare yourself for making, hacking, coding, designing, building, selling and thinking BIG!

Osta pilet





Estonian Academy of Arts · Põhja puiestee 7, Tallinn, Eesti

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