L 28. september 2019 kell 15:00 - 17:00

Heldeke! Theater—Bar—Club · Tööstuse, 13, Tallinn, Eesti

Hej you, musicians of all kind in-and-around Tallinn!


Heldeke is hosting a Flamenco music Workshop and Jam-session on Saturday the 28th of September.

We will learn, from zero, a few rhythmic patterns, chords and melodies “por bulerías” and “por tangos” to get all of you introduced to Flamenco music. Later on, we will have some fun jamming together with all our instruments.

Are you a percussionist?, a violinist?, a guitarist?, play any other instrument? You are welcome to join! Don´t play an instrument? Your hands will do for clapping! All musicians, dancers and lovers of all kinds of music are invited to join.

To guide you through there will be the percussionist Zsolt Bánhalmi and the guitar player Jorge Arena.

Be welcome with your instruments, your voice and/or your hands for clapping, together with the best of your mood and learning skills! The contribution will be of only 7 little euritos, to cover transportation and renting costs.

¡Hasta la vista!

(((Please purchase your ticket in advance. At the place, without a previously purchased ticket, entrace will be 10 €)))

Osta pilet


Jorge Arena

E-post: jorgearenaflamenco@gmail.com


Heldeke! Theater—Bar—Club · Tööstuse, 13, Tallinn, Eesti

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