Rebels pres Dominik Saltevski , Seimen Dexter , Pascal Jung b2b WSTND , Belair , Mitchel Blup

Freitag 1. Juli, 22:00 - Samstag 2. Juli, 06:00

MS Connexion Complex • Angelstraße 33, 68199 Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

The next Adventure is more than a Techno Rave or a dance Event. It will be the chance to to present Mannheim Techno culture through our Identity in our Favorite Club MS Connexion Complex

Moreover, this time will be epic through the cooperation and limitless efforts from the beloved Dominik Saltevski :

Dominik Saltevski, who comes from Offenburg, was born in 1998. His musical career began at the age of 9 when he started to learn the cello. Still today you can feel the influence of classical music in some of his productions, through the concise but coherent melodies he uses.
At the age of 12, Dominik also learned to play the drums, which is noticeable in his productions through driving kicks and rich bass lines throughout.
Dominik Saltevski became aware of techno at the age of 15 and started producing his own bootlegs, tracks and remixes at 17. At that time he could already celebrate his first official release on Oxytech Records.
Saltevski achieved the biggest success with his collaboration 'Cirice', which, together with Niereich and Shadym, reached number 5 in the Hard Techno charts. At the beginning of 2019 he also started DJing and since April 2019 he is officially resident DJ at the Techno-Alliance.
Dominik Saltevski also successfully produces samples, which he distributes at Engineering Samples. These made it on Lenske (the label of Amelie Lens), Kraftek (label of Pleasurekraft), R-Label Group (label of Kobosil), Autektone (label of T78) and Reload Records (label of The Yellowheads)

 Unity Records
 Autektone Records
Reload Records
ERROR Records
Fresh Cut 

Elektroküche - Köln
Hans-Bunte-Areal – Freiburg
 Secretopia – Sankt Gallen (Schweiz) 
Radio Sunshine live – Mannheim
 DASDING Plattenleger – Baden Baden 
N8Lounge - Bonn
 Das SOFA - Bonn

and also the co work of our beloved and legendary Seimen Dexter
who is going to take a part in representing Rebels and the very known dream Team DEXIT since years ago
DEXIT records

It will as well the chance to catch up with all the crazy talented Techno artists who will deliver you a non stop techno journey

Line Up :

Dominik Saltevski
Seimen Dexter
Pascal Jung
Mitchel Blup

And this won’t be the end of actions without the Massive support and generous forward push from our around the world Partners :

Techno Connection
LETS Techno records
Lazuli Records
DEXIT techno

Stay Tuned , check out our latest releases and projects & get your mind blowed by the craziest Bangers
Peace love and Techno

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MS Connexion Complex • Angelstraße 33, 68199 Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

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