Chaoseum | Black Corona | Devotion of Mine

Donnerstag 1. Juni, 19:00

Rockhouse-Bar • Schallmooser Hauptstraße 46, 5020 Salzburg, Salzburg, Österreich

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Chaoseum and Black Corona - Austrian Tour 2023
Local Support: Devotion of Mine

Area 7

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Rockhouse-Bar | Salzburg
Doors Open: 19:00 Uhr

Nu-metal / Metalcore band formed 2018 in Lausanne (Switzerland).
Their first album “First Step To Hell” contains 11 songs and was released in September of the same year. In February 2019, CHAOSEUM joined Soulfly for a US tour. Upon their return, a limited-edition live album was recorded at a band’s concert with ELUVEITIE. It was released under the name "Live In Hell - Les Docks Lausanne 2019". In September of 2019, the band joined TARJA (Ex-NIGHTWISH) for a tour in Russia: "Raw Russian Tour 2019".
Representing the Xvive brand, CHAOSEUM went to Los Angeles to perform at the NAMM "the largest music trade show". There, the band also took the opportunity to play at the legendary Whisky a Go Go.
On September 25, 2020, CHAOSEUM released its 2nd studio album "Second Life". Track "Smile Again" reached over 9 million views on Youtube.
In June 2021, during COVID-19, the band worked on an acoustic album "Second Skin" as well as on 2 music videos which achieved great success.
A year after, in June 2022, CHAOSEUM performed at the "Out of the Green" festival in Frauenfeld (CH) together with Eluveitie, Five Finger Death Punch and Sabaton. Metallica was meant to be on that stage too but had to cancel.
Few months after, in September, the band flew to the US headlining the "Arctic Chaos Tour".
Their fourth studio album « The Third Eye » was released in November 2022.
« Welcome to the Museum of Chaos »

Black Corona:
Die im Jahre 2017 in Innsbruck gegründete 4-köpfige Kombo zeichnet sich vor allem durch Melodien, groovige Riffs und treibende Drums aus. Mit einer Mischung aus cleanem und geshouteteten Gesang erzählen Black Corona von teils sozialkritischen aber auch allgemein selbst reflektierenden Themen. Auf ihrem ersten Album zeigen sie eine Mischung aus Songs, die von Anfang bis Ende Druck machen („The Mission“). Aber auch ruhigere Nummern gehören zu ihrem Repertoire („Aterna“).
Momentan arbeitet die Band an einem neuen Album, welches voraussichtlich 2023 erscheinen soll.

Devotion of Mine:
Established in 2018, Devotion of Mine has been continuously dedicated to creating music. Melodic interludes, rhythmic verses, and heavy breakdowns paired with powerful false cord vocals set the foundation for meaningful lyrics. DOM’s songs address personal topics, as well as general issues of modern-day society. The members of DOM have dedicated themselves not only to music creation, but also to building a community of empathy and compassion.

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Rockhouse-Bar • Schallmooser Hauptstraße 46, 5020 Salzburg, Salzburg, Österreich

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