Standup Comedy in English • A Little Loving Hurts No One • Munich

Sonntag 14. Januar, 18:30 - 20:00

Buena Vista Bar • Am Einlaß 2A, 80469 München, Bayern, Deutschland

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In this Show, Mustafa Algiyadi manoeuvres through the European way of life from the lens of a Libyan Arab, longing so bad to be part of it, yet confronted with some cultural differences that makes it....confusing! 😕

If you are up for deconstructing people's behaviours, talk about religion, meditation, velvet sofas and to learn how to deal with annoying people then you got to see this stand up comedy show and enjoy all that with laughters along the way. 😂

Mustafa Algiyadi is the co-founder of the first weekly and longest running English Stand Up Comedy Club 🎤 in Munich. Mustafa's humour is eclectic, spanning the spectrum from the silliest to the darkest, all mixed with a semi intellectual demeanour, that adds to the severe imposter syndrome that he has.

In 2022, Mustafa Algiyadi performed to an audience of 5600 people 🌍 and completed tours in Germany 🇩🇪, Austria 🇦🇹, and Malta🇲🇹. His recent performance at Brighton Fringe Festival 2023 🎭 marked the debut of his full hour, where he made 22 performances throughout the festival. 🏆 He was selected for the highly acclaimed "Best of the Fest" line-up 🏆 and sold out several shows! 👏

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Buena Vista Bar • Am Einlaß 2A, 80469 München, Bayern, Deutschland

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Mustafa Algiyadi