The mask and its body – Mask Theatre workshop

Lørdag 8. juli klokken 10:00 - Søndag 9. juli klokken 17:00

Brobjergskolen • Valdemarsgade 1, 8000 Aarhus, Danmark

A two days intensive workshop to learn about the use of full expressive masks and silent play.

When we wear a mask, our body and the way we shape it is already telling a lot about the character we are playing. The relationship between this character and life, its age, the speed of reaction to an event, the way it stands and the way it relates to the theatrical space, can be enough to tell a story.

Covering our face with a mask makes us unable to express through the convention of words and language. Using the body and the projection of the mask are the only tools we have left to tell our story.

🎭 Program
Through exercises of mask technique and improvisations, we will explore the world of silence and human shapes to better understand how to embody a sentiment.

The main topics we will touch are:
- The concept of dramatic space
- The masked body, shapes and undulation
- The projection of the mask and sharing with the audience
- The silent play

This workshop is intended for beginners and professionals that would like to dive deeper in physical theatrical play.
Whether you are an actor, artist, circus performer, dancer or mover of any kind, you are very welcome to join.

The masks used in these days are created by Francesco Procopio and/or other mask makers in the frame of the Atelier Mask Movement directed by Matteo Destro.

The training will be in English. A basic understanding of the language is required.

WHEN: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of July from 10.00 to 17.00
WHERE: at Brobjergskolen, Valdemarsgade 1G, 8000 Aarhus.
HOW MUCH: this workshop uses a donation sliding scale system between 635kr - 1490kr.
More info about the sliding scale system can be found here:

🎭 About the host
Francesco Procopio is a circus artist, teacher, actor, and director based in Berlin.
His artistic education is a mix of different influences, circus and theatre are his main passions. After graduating from circus school (CAU - Granada) and the Atelier Mask Movement of Matteo Destro (San Miniato - Italia) he performed in several shows, mostly self-produced from street to stage performances in theatres and circus. In the last years he regularly taught movement theatre, masks and circus in various organizations and projects around Europe.

🎭 About the organizers
STREET PERFORMING ARTS ASSOCIATION (SPAA) is a non-profit volunteer organization. The concept was born in 2019 and came into action as an association in 2020 with two main missions: to promote the interaction between the everyday passer by and the performer and to generate bridges and connections among local artists.

LUSUS THEATRE arises from collaborative artistic processes, with cultural diversity as its core.
With both Danish and international artists, the group aims to create and develop a space where stage art shortens gaps, builds bridges, and expands communication, bringing a sense of belonging for its members and its audience.

✨If you have any questions please send an email to: or call us at +45 52805223✨

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Brobjergskolen • Valdemarsgade 1, 8000 Aarhus, Danmark

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