Capella Pratensis / Haapsalu Early Music Festival XXVIII

Fri 23. July 2021 at 20:00 - 22:00

Haapsalu Dome Church

Capella Pratensis (the Netherlands)

Bruges 1487: Jacob Obrecht “Missa de Sancto Donatiano”

The story surrounding the Missa de Sancto Donatiano begins with the banishing, for political
reasons, of the wealthy Bruges furrier, Donaas de Moor. An exile in Zeeland at his death in
1483, he stipulated in his will that masses in his name be endowed at the Church of St James
in Bruges.
The Missa de Sancto Donatiano (1487) incorporates songs and chants familiar to the faithful
of Bruges in connection with celebrations of St Donatian (St Donaas), the patron saint of the
city—and of course the patron saint of Donaas de Moor.
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