8 Techniques For Engaging Your Team Strategically

Wed 6. February 2019 at 18:30 - 20:00


Hi Fellow Leaders!

As fast as startups grow, you might have found yourself in a leadership role where you’re managing teams, maybe even managers for the first time.

Maybe you are at a more established company but have never received formal management training and are frustrated about how to earn your team’s commitment.

Or maybe you are just curious to up your leadership!

This masterclass is here to stop you from struggling to engage and motivate your employees…
To solve the problem that every leader in tech without management training faces, with simple yet powerful leadership practices that cost nothing and that you can implement immediately.

What you will cover:
- Self-assessment to uncover your behaviours around engagement
- Setting expectations
- Customising your leadership style and messaging
- Recognition and acknowledgement
- 8 techniques with an action plan

Facilitator: Réka Nikoletta Gazda

As an ex-Ericsson manager and coach working with tech leaders I have a combined 10+ years hands-on experience in leading scaling remote teams that need to deliver.

I specialise in the biggest impact on team culture and productivity: the leadership behaviour by helping leaders change their ineffective and unproductive habits and behaviours in a sustainable way.

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Reka Nikoletta Gazda

E-mail: hello@rekanikoletta.com